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Venus Makeover

As women's sexual health is becoming more normalized, more women are discovering the advantages of vaginal rejuvenation.  A healthy vagina is vital to good sexual function, self-worth, and properly functioning bladder and bowels. 


Georgia Health Clinics is woman owned, and our main providers are all women too.  We provide a warm, inclusive consultation regarding your concerns and needs, so there is no need to be shy.  Consultations are also free!


The Venus MakeOver™ restores your natural moisture, sparks your libido, treats incontinence, and helps gives you the tingles! Treatment is safe, FDA Approved, and results are long lasting. Read more below to rewind the clock!

Spark Libido | Enhance Orgasms | Treat Incontinence | Tighter Smoother Look

| Stronger Firmer Tissue | Restore Natural Moisture | Rewind The Clock

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Painful sex is common, but should not be normal. As many as 75% of women experience pain during sex at some point. 


Experiencing painful sex should not be routine - the Venus MakeOver™ is an effective solution to this common issue.


Naturally revitalize and strengthen your deep tissues while restoring sensitivity. Enjoy turning back the clock!



You may have vaginal dryness if you feel sore, tender or itchy skin, pain or discomfort during sex.


If you need to pee more often than usual, it can be a sign of infection, a common issue that vaginal dryness creates.


One Venus MakeOver™ treatment at our clinic will quickly restore your natural lubrication and make you like new. 




Frustrated by a loose feeling?  Just as the skin on our face loses tightness and firmness over time, vaginal skin can too.


A Venus MakeOver™ re-stimulates natural collagen production, to safely repair your inner and outer tissue.


Enjoy more control, increased pleasure, better and more frequent orgasms after just one treatment. 

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Women commonly deal with bloating, constipation, and hemorrhoids.


Weak vaginal or rectal walls can lead to entrapment of waste, causing gas, bloating, and hemorrhoids. 


The Venus MakeOver™ strengthens inner and outer vaginal tissue, restoring your intimate areas to a more youthful appearance and performance. 


Notice leakage when you laugh or sneeze? This frustrating problem can cause inconvenience and distress.


Incontinence is especially common if you've given birth, and is easily treatable. Regain blissful control over your body - quickly and with ease!


The Venus MakeOver™ helps to resolve incontinence, and lasts for over 1 year. 




Improved libido and increased sensitivity are experienced by many women almost immediately after one treatment. 


Recipients universally report increased sensitivity to their clitoris and G-spot; with many experiencing stronger or multiple orgasms, even if they never have before.


The Venus MakeOver™ will rewind the clock and make you like new!



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"I forgot how fun sex can be!"

"After I turned 35, I guess I just got used to dealing with leakage, regular UTI's and a low sex drive.  I thought that was just part of normal aging, not knowing there was a solution. 


After my first treatment, I noticed a change right away. My natural moisture returned along with my libido, giving me and my husband mind blowing moments to remember - I forgot how fun sex can be!  


I am so grateful for the changes this treatment has brought to my life. I have not had a single UTI since the Venus Makeover, my sex life is thrilling, and I am in control of my body!"

- Natalie Rhinefield

"At 45 years old I had just about given up on sex - it was so painful. I had serious vaginal dryness and recurring UTI’s. My urologist actually recommended the Venus Makeover.


I was astonished that after only 1 treatment, years of dryness and pain were completely gone. The results are nothing short of a miracle. This procedure has literally changed my sex life (and my husband!) overnight - we are extremely thankful!  


I will definitely be going back yearly for touchup, as this has become more than an investment - it's a priority!"

- Teanna Grady

"Nothing short of a miracle!"


The Venus MakeOver™ is safe, FDA approved, and occurs in 2 phases. After your consultation determines you are a good candidate, two appointments will be scheduled, one for each phase. 


The first phase is a breakthrough treatment called Viveve therapy.  This treatment uses a small handheld device to send gently pulsing sound waves to repair blood vessels both inside and outside the vagina.  It is comfortable, painless, there is no downtime, drugs, or laser, and the results are long-lasting.  Expect to experience a noticeable tightening of the vagina, increased pleasure during sexual intimacy, greater bladder control, and more youthful looking and acting vaginal tissue. 

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The second phase uses FemiWave - a non-invasive, comfortable treatment, performed on the outer and inner labia. FemiWave is clinically proven to increase blood flow and restore healthy tissue. There is no downtime and results are long-lasting. Women can expect increased sensitivity and lubrication, as well as strengthening, tightening, and improved physical appearance. Outer skin will be smoother and tighter for a more youthful appearance.

The final stage of treatment is your "V" Shot. The V-Shot is an all-natural procedure meant to rejuvenate the vagina in several ways, both by strengthening inner tissues to end incontinence, and to increase sexual arousal.  Women report stronger, more frequent orgasms, increased natural lubrication and greater arousal soon after having the procedure.

After treatment, you'll have the option to unwind in our relaxing lounge area if you like.  This can give you extra time to finish your beverage, ask questions of your care team, and check your phone before you head back into the day. 

Wonderful options exist to help you look and feel your best - without surgery or pills. It's time to enjoy every moment to the fullest! Results last over 1 year, with average results lasting 18 months, which is worth celebrating on it's own. Let's get the party started! 

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