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"Hey, it's not a "makeover" if you're a man!"

"If you're here - it's time."

"Age happens to us all, thank goodness there's a solution!"

"No EGO here. I did it for the chicks."

The term "makeover" has been normalized for women - but what about men?  Today, men everywhere are normalizing taking care of their bodies and minds more than ever before. While not a lot of men enjoy the idea of a makeover, every man deserves a proper "ManOver" when the time is right! 


If you're experiencing lower libido, changes to your sexual function, or losing confidence in your erections, schedule a free consultation today to explore non surgical treatment options without medications.  We provide a discreet, judgment free consultation regarding your concerns and needs, so there is no need to be shy.  We offer the best sexual endurance solutions on the market. Consultations are free, but popular, so please book as soon as possible.


Treatment options can resolve ED, enlarge the penis, give stronger erections, enhance libido, improve orgasms and more! The ManOver™ is safe, FDA Approved, results are immediate and long lasting. Read more below to learn how to rewind the clock!

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ed treatment roswell ga
ed treatment roswell ga
ed treatment roswell ga


You're not alone. As many as 75% of men experience ED at some point. While this is common, it should not be routine, and treatments are available. 


The ManOver™ is all natural, effective and fast. There is no surgery, no pills and no downtime from pleasurable activities.


Naturally revitalize and strengthen your deep tissues while restoring sensitivity. Enjoy turning back the clock!



Erections naturally lose strength with age, but the ManOver™ will return your vigor. Regain the firmness of a younger you!


The ManOver™ treatment re-stimulates natural collagen production, to safely repair and renew your outer tissue.


Enjoy improved control, increased  pleasure, as well as better and more frequent orgasms after treatment. 



You don't have to take our word for it! RESTORE treatments are well documented to provide increased girth and/or length for most recipients. 


While results are not guaranteed, this treatment is highly popular and well received by most.  

Male enhancement is becoming more normalized, & men are reporting longer, stronger erections than ever before.


ed treatment roswell ga
ed treatment roswell ga
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Men commonly deal with premature ejaculation. Resolve this common concern once and for all with the ManOver™.


Your penis tissue will be strengthened and revitalized to respond as younger tissue. 


The ManOver™ strengthens the inner and outer tissue, restoring you to a more youthful appearance and performance. 


Not feeling like yourself can cause frustration, distress and even depression.


Luckily, low libido is common, natural, and easily treatable. Regain control over your body quickly and with ease.


There's no need for pills or surgery to improve your drive. The ManOver™ is natural, using your bodies' healing power.




Improved libido and increased sensitivity are experienced after treatment. 


Recipients universally report increased sensitivity, stronger or multiple orgasms, even when having never done so before.


The ManOver™ treatment at our clinic can rewind the clock and make you like new - or even better!



Thanks, we will be in touch shortly!


"Happy wife - happy life!"

"After I turned 45, I guess I just got used to dealing with a lower sex drive.  I thought that was just part of normal aging, and I did NOT want to start taking pills.  I was glad to learn there was another solution.


After my treatment, I noticed a change right away. My libido is back to my college days, and so are my erections! The ManOver™ gave me confidence and staying power beyond expectation.


Your team is so kind & helpful, my sex life is better than ever, and I am in control of my body! Chalk up another happy client!"

- Nathan Rhineshield

"I guess every guy gets embarrassed about it. I wore my hat low over my eyes my first visit to your office. But I was openly high fiving your staff by my last! 


They helped me understand the body is just a machine, sometimes it needs a tune up.  No one is ashamed to bring in their car when it needs a new part or a fix. That's all this is. 


I was shocked that after only 1 treatment, I had great erections again. I was told to wait several weeks for results, but I guess I was one of the lucky ones, because my treatment worked right away and hasn't stopped! The Manover changed my sex life overnight and I am NEVER going back!"

- Martin Thomas

"Changed my sex life overnight!"


The ManOver™ is safe, painless and FDA approved. After we determine that you are a good candidate, your treatment can begin as soon as your first appointment. The first phase is a highly popular breakthrough treatment called GAINSWave™ therapy.  It is commonly called "Acoustic Sound Wave" therapy, or "ASW".  Successful programs offer this weekly treatment for several weeks. 


This treatment uses a small handheld device to send gentle pulsing sound waves to repair and improve blood flow to the penis.  It is comfortable, painless, there is no downtime, drugs, or laser.  Expect to experience a noticeable increase in sexual arousal, pleasure during sexual intimacy, greater erectile control, and more responsive, youthful tissue. 

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A popular enhancement treatment we offer is called the P-Shot, or Priapus shot™, named after the greek god of enlarged manhood and fertility. The P-Shot is an all-natural procedure meant to wind back your odometer in several ways, both by strengthening inner tissues to end ED, and to increase sexual arousal. Men may receive 1-2 P-Shots annually depending on needs. Men report stronger, more frequent orgasms, and greater arousal after having the procedure.

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