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About 10% of men suffer with Peyronie's disease, a painful condition in which the penis bends or curves while erect. Our team at Georgia Health Clinics have years of experiencing diagnosing and treating Peyronie's disease with non surgical corrective therapy. 

Most patients are relieved to learn that Peyronie’s disease is actually a treatable disorder. It can develop slowly or quickly, and can range from mild to severe.  Over time, plaque builds up inside a penile membrane called the tunica albuginea. This buildup can lead to painful erections, painful sexual intercourse, and difficulty performing overall.   

When Peyronie’s disease begins, it is considered to be in an "acute phase" which can last 6 to 18 months. As plaque forms inside the penis, the curvature gradually worsens. The "chronic phase" occurs when plaque stops growing and curvature stops changing. Chronic pain and problems achieving or maintaining an erection are common. Plaque that develops inside the penis is not the same type of plaque in arteries or on your teeth.  Instead, it acts as scar tissue.

Early symptoms of Peyronie’s disease include inflammation or swelling of the penis, that gradually grows builds up inside the tunica albuginea, a thick, elastic fibrous tissue. The site of the scar is normally where the penis begins to bend, as the scar tissue does not swell along with the healthy tissue during an erection.

In extreme cases, this can cause a severe bend in the penis, leading to pain, frustration and sexual difficulty. Many men suffering from this condition have anxiety and depression, unaware that effective treatment is available. If you have a family history of Peyronie's disease, you're more likely to get it. Many cases of Peyronie's disease occur in males aged 55 and older, therefore age could be a role. Because the body already shows evidence of aberrant healing behaviors, connective tissue diseases can develop to Peyronie's disease.

Make an appointment with Georgia Health Clinics here in Roswell, GA for a consultation right away if you detect a change in the form of your penis. Peyronie's disease can strike men gradually or suddenly, so it's important to get treatment as soon as possible.

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Acoustic wave therapy has proven to be especially effective in the treatment of Peyronie’s Disease. 


Georgia Health Clinics combines the use of an FDA cleared acoustic wave device that treats the true root cause of erectile dysfunction: poor blood flow.  This treatment is all-natural, and clinically proven to enhance male sexual function, performance, and overall health.  It is the only non-invasive procedure that treats the root cause of ED. This treatment will release growth factors in the tissue, forming new blood vessels, and break down "micro-plaque" in affected blood vessels. 


Acoustic Wave Therapy is a safe, comfortable, non-invasive, medical procedure used to improve male sexual performance often associated with age, Peyronie’s disease or ED.  Unlike oral medications that treat ED, Acoustic Wave Therapy (AWT) has few to no side-effects, and allows for men with pre-existing medical conditions to receive safe treatment.  View FAQ's here.


Each AWT session takes between 15 to 20 minutes.  Patients will receive between 6 to 12 sessions in total. A small, handheld acoustic wand sends pulsating waves to trigger a healing response in your penis. This awakens dormant healthy cells and promotes production of growth factors that rejuvenate your erectile tissue, resulting in the generation of new blood vessels.


By increasing blood flow to the penis, you'll have stronger, harder and more sustainable erections.  More than 30 clinical trials have shown that sound wave therapy is strongly effective for restoring circulation to the penis and improving ED. 

  • ​Drug & Surgery free

  • Over 75% Success Rate

  • No Downtime or Side Effects

  • Non-invasive in office procedure

  • Immediate resumption of normal daily activities

  • 75% men experience positive results post treatment

  • Some men may experience a spontaneous erection within 24 hours

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Roswell Peyronie's Disease Specialist - Peyronie's Disease Treatment Near Me - Men's Sexual Health Treatments in Roswell, GA


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As men age and testosterone levels decline, they can experience numerous uncomfortable symptoms, especially those associated with their libido and sexual function. While men are bombarded with ads for male "enhancement" - none of them offer long-term solutions. Taking pills, using creams and other mechanics only offer a short term fix, and won't address any of the other factors that can negatively affect a man’s sex life, sexual satisfaction and intimate relationships. 

RESTORE treatment includes a procedure that gives impressive, long lasting results.  For men who want to recover their libido, enhance their sex lives, or invigorate the prowess - this treatment is invaluable. By using your own body’s powers of rejuvenation, this treatment can enhance size, staying-power and increase drive, resulting in better sex for men and their partners.​​ 


About 75% of men experience positive results immediately, while others experience gradual and extended enhancement. Some men may experience a spontaneous erection within 24 hours.



  1. Bigger, harder penis 

  2. Results are immediate 

  3. No sexual downtime 

  4. No scarring (New tissue growth) 

  5. Effects last over 1 year


Our physicians and erectile dysfunction experts not only understand the importance of reliable, comfortable erections for mental and physical health, they’ve all experienced what happens when “the equipment” doesn’t work. Your health and body deserve the best. Our treatments are designed to restore your confidence so that you can live the life you desire.  Despite how widespread these concerns are, we understand the sensitivities that accompany them. For this reason, all ED treatments and protocols are completed privately and with discretion, for your peace of mind. 

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  • What is Acoustic Sound Wave Therapy (AWT)?
    Acoustic Sound Wave Therapy or AWT is an appromixately 15-minute non-surgical procedure used to treat chronic plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, tennis elbow, shoulder tendonitis, and other chronic tendinopathies. AWT is used internationally for conditions all over the body. In the United States, an FDA study was performed for patients who suffer from chronic plantar fasciitis with or without the presence of a heel spur. The results were an amazing average reduction in pain of 92% with only one treatment. This data reflects the results of the patients who participated in a one-year follow-up study. AWTbenefits patients because their condition can be treated extracorporeally, meaning outside of the body. Because the treatment is non-invasive, many of the expenses and risks of surgery are eliminated.
  • How safe and effective is AWT?
    The FDA AWT treatment protocol shows an overwhelming success rate. In the study, a group of 150 patients was asked to rate their pain level on a scale of 1 to 10. The average pain level before treatment was 7.7. After receiving one AWT treatment, the patients were asked one year later to rate their pain level again on a scale of 1 to 10. The patients who reported had an average pain score post-AWTof 0.6. This is a 92% reduction in pain and a much higher rate of success than any non-surgical or surgical procedure. More importantly, AWT is very safe.
  • How does it actually work?
    AWT accelerates the healing process in the body by stimulating metabolism and enhancing blood circulation to regenerate damaged tissue. Strong accoutic pulses are applied to the affected area. These pulses occur for short periods of time, creating micro bubbles that expand and burst, creating micro-traumas. This penetrates tissue and stimulates cells in the body that are responsible for bone and connective tissue healing.
  • How many treatments are usually needed?
    The number of sessions needed depends on the condition that is being treated. Each treatment session takes between 10-15 minutes and can vary depending on the condition that is being treated. Consult with our office to learn more about what to expect for your situation.
  • What type of results are expected?
    Beneficial effects are often experienced after only 1 or 2 treatments. Since there is no downtime, many patients report immediate relief after one treatment. Per clinical studies, this technology has a 91% success rate, and patients report being pain free or having a significant reduction in pain. This non-surgical therapy for pain eliminates pain and restores mobility, thus improving patient’s quality of life.
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