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Professional Legal Document Preparation

Leading Provider of Student Loan Document Preparation 



We prepare legal, personal and corporate documents to assist in the fulfillment of student loan debt resolution.


We handle personal information and financial information with the utmost security and privacy for your protection.  



Scanning and Secure Storage

Privacy Protection


Digital Access

Document Retrieval

Signature Acquisition


AIDVANTAGE: 800-722-1300

DEBT MANAGEMENT 800-621-3115

NELNET: 888-486-4722

MOHELA: 888-866-4352

FEDLOAN: 800-699-2908


“Top Tier” Reliability Rankings for 5th year Running 


More and more companies are transitioning the way they do business from paper to the digital world. 77Elite is the go-to name for reliable and secure document preparation. 

Once scanned documents have been processed, we provide a structured digital file directory you can later use for quick reference and information retrieval. 

In today’s world, it is good to go digital. We scan thousands of pages every day and use the latest tools to ensure clear document and image conversions. Not only can you generate an electronic archive of all your most important documents, but you can also increase the available storage space in your business once occupied by paper.

Your Safety


Why Reputation Matters


Your personal information is in lots of places.  Credit cards, social security number, billing and bank statements, income verification - even online signatures can pose a risk when given to a third party without proper accreditation. 

Don't risk your entire identity by using a fly-by-night "processor"  - when the best is already at your fingertips!  

77Elite is the #1 choice for student loan consolidation companies nationwide for safe, secure and accurate document preparation.

We work with the top name student loan affiliates, and are the longest operating document preparation provider in the United States today.

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